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Happie Soul's Goals

When I started Happie Soul Massage in 2014, my vision was to create a safe space for clients to reclaim their connection to themselves. To heal the broken pieces of their soul and release the trauma that's manifesting into their physical pain. A true mind, body, soul connection.

With Massage and Reiki, adding coaching, and intuitive abilities, I feel so incredibly grateful that my clients trust me on this journey of healing - what ever that looks like for them.

Some people only want massage, while others are determined to dive deep into their past to heal. So many people in the world are unmotivated to heal deeply as they have suppressed things for so long they are when you're a child and a parent tells you to stop crying. Its really saying that your emotion/feeling, that is causing the crying, is wrong/bad. As we grow up that emotion becomes distorted and suppressed-perhaps expressed in other ways that are approved by others (or not) but never felt quit right with you.

During covid-every aspect of everyone's life changed in an instant. Most people are not okay with change and being told every routine you have is now gone. The depression and anxiety that followed is deep and dark. The weight of shame and guilt doesn't end. The way out is hope. The energy we ARE made of is what saves us.

My mission in this life line is guiding people back to the light. To find their authentic self. These services add value that no one has thought of - a level of self-love that we had forgotten about.

When you book an service here, you get so much more then you would ever expect. Feel the love when you walk into the space. Leave your worries and fears behind and leave refreshed and renewed.

I recommend Reiki for Emotional Support with Light Therapy for depression and anxiety.

I am so grateful people trust me for their healing.

Thank you,



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