Book your Continued Education with Cristina L. Dunbar, LMT, ESTI, CMLDT, MoM® , LRMT, VFRT®

Bronze medalist in Swedish American Massage Competition July 2022

International Massage Competition Competitor and Judge

Ranked top 10 in the World and USA

Cristina is also a PA State Licensed Esthetician (#CQ119118)


Happie Soul Massage is Approved through the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork

Provider #1000788  

Fall 2024 classes have not yet been scheduled. If there is a class you are interested in, please email HAPPIESOULMASSAGE@GMAIL.COM subject: MASSAGE CEUS

Cristina has been invited to participate as an instructor at United Massage Championship of America

She is also a Sponsor and Judge.

Dunbar is the first award winning, International Competitor to offer CEs at a Championship. 

Internationally recognized for her expertise, Cristina claimed the bronze at the American Massage Championship in 2022 and was ranked 10th in the World in 2023. Her experience and acumen have also led her to serve as a judge for state, regional, and international massage competitions, both virtual and in person.

With a deep passion for helping others, Cristina continually seeks to expand her knowledge and skills to offer the best possible care. Her practice is not just a profession but a calling, where she creates personalized wellness journeys for each client, helping them unlock their potential for health and happiness.

Offering class:

Intuitive Massage Skills

(Great for Esti or LMT)  Cristina L. Dunbar, LMT, ESTI, CMLDT, MoM® , LRMT, VFRT®

Cristina has been invited to participate as a Judge at the 2024 Pennsylvania Massage Championship. With her skills as an instructor, and knowledge of competitions, she will be a great asset.

"I am honored to have been invited to participate as a Judge for PA Massage Championship in 2024. These competitions help therapists gain confidence and skills to improve their work, and all their clients will benefit. It's exciting to see new modalities (types of massage/bodywork) being developed and I look forward to seeing new techniques as the participants demonstrate their skills. My goal is to provide the feedback required to aid them in furthering their skills, as well as cheer them all on as they succeed as bodyworkers. Everyone benefits and 'wins' at events like this." Cristina L. Dunbar, LMT, ESTI, CMLDT, MoM® , LRMT, VFRT®


Other classes available upon request. Click HERE for my full list.

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Gaining Clients (ESTI and/or LMT)

Are you wondering how to gain new clients or perhaps you struggle with keeping people rebooking?

This class is for you. Available when you are, this class will help answer your questions, provide confidence, and a strategy plan. 

You'll learn how to align yourself with your business and attract your ideal clients.


class is via zoom and can last up to 2 hours! BOOK ANY TIME.

1:1 mentoring available for both Estis and LMTs.

Intuitive Massage Skills

(Great for Esti or LMT)

Cristina's specialty to helping you grow! Are you seeking to learn how to address your client's pain without causing them any discomfort? Do you want to learn where to work for the most benefit versus guessing and spending time where its not needed?

This class is for you.

You'll learn how to use your own intuition to provide a unique treatment for your client in the most relaxing way. It's all about the art of going slow. 

You'll also learn how to speak to your clients as a professional, recommending a treatment plan, rebooking and gaining confidence within yourself. 

7 CE


Face Massage for ROM and TMJ

Enhance your massage therapy skills with our focused workshop on Advanced Face Massage Techniques, incorporating Active Isolated Stretching (AIS) and Neuromuscular Therapy (NMT). This professional course is tailored for licensed massage therapists seeking to specialize in facial treatments.

Learning Outcomes:

Neuromuscular Therapy (NMT) for the Face: Understand facial anatomy to alleviate pain, reduce inflammation, and improve nerve function. Focus on treating trigger points related to headaches, TMJ disorders, and sinus issues. Active Isolated Stretching (AIS) for Facial Muscles: Learn to apply gentle stretches to improve muscle elasticity and circulation, enhancing facial mobility and health. Practical Application: Engage in hands-on sessions to practice these techniques under expert guidance, ensuring skill mastery.

2 CE




Are you interested in participating in competitions? The landscape of competitions, ranging from local to international, including virtual events, is expanding. Gain insights into what to anticipate and discover strategies to enhance your skills for these demanding contests.

As an award-winning therapist and a trained judge in both live and virtual settings, I bring valuable expertise to this training. Additionally, participants will earn Continuing Education (CE) credits.

If you're exploring how to best prepare for competitions, seeking ways to elevate your performance in your category, looking for video tips for virtual competitions, and aiming to save on travel expenses, this class is tailored for you.

During the Kinesiology Mastery Class, students will learn to: Integrate Kinesiology with Massage: Gain a comprehensive understanding of how kinesiology principles can enhance massage therapy, enabling more personalized and effective treatments. Advanced Palpation Techniques: Develop superior palpation skills to identify and address specific muscular and joint issues, improving client outcomes. Body Mechanics Analysis: Learn to analyze and apply knowledge of body mechanics to optimize your massage techniques and prevent client injuries. Customized Treatment Strategies: Master the art of tailoring massage treatments to individual client needs based on their unique muscular and skeletal structure. Therapeutic Impact Enhancement: Discover how to use movement and structural knowledge to boost the therapeutic impact of your massage sessions. Client Interaction and Assessment: Enhance your skills in client communication and assessment to better understand and meet their wellness goals. Practical Application: Engage in hands-on practice sessions where you'll apply kinesiology concepts to real-world massage scenarios, ensuring you can implement what you've learned effectively. By the end of the class, students will not only elevate their massage therapy techniques but also cultivate a deeper connection with their clients, leading to more impactful and satisfying therapeutic experiences. 

8 ces included


1:1 training is also available. Please email to schedule.


(Great for Esti or LMT. Set of tuning forks available for purchase at time of class additional $40+tax)

Did you know that sound therapy can alleviate chronic pain from old injuries, migraines, and debilitating diseases? This course is to teach the massage therapist/bodyworker the basic knowledge of working with Tuning Forks and the Lymph System. We will use this knowledge of sound passing through objects and apply them to the use of Tuning Forks on our own bodies. Because our bodies are solid, sound waves pass through the skin, organs, tissues, right down to the very cells of our bodies. 

The first part of the class will include learning about the lymph system and sound therapy. The second part of the class will be spent learning how to perform the session, which will start with opening up the Lymph Portals and ending with using the Tuning Forks on the reflex points and acupuncture points of the body. 

8 CE


Hands-on Reiki for Selfcare

Great for anyone. Reiki I & II are taught over 2 days. Can be taught via ZOOM.

Reiki is a profound tool for use in self-care. In fact, most Reiki practitioners who have studied Reiki healing practice some form of Self-Reiki on a daily basis. One beautiful aspect of Reiki is that once you take a Reiki class, you have the knowledge and use of it for life. It is always there for you, a toolbox of wellness in your hands. 

14 CE


What Is That? Skin Assessment for Body Workers

Learn how to recognize symptoms that need doctor care. In this course, we will discuss how to recognize changes in a clients skin, symptoms, and complaints. We'll discuss what to do when normal treatments do not release clients discomforts; how to talk to a client about a treatment plan within our scope. 

6 CE



What is in your scope and how to handle difficult questions. Future classes may include a Q & A with sex traffic survivors. 

8 CE


There are no refunds once paid. If a student is unable to make a class, the amount can be used as a credit towards a future class.

Reiki Master Classes


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Please note: If you register and pay for a class and you fail to attend without notifying us at least 2 days prior to the class, you are liable for full payment. No credit or refund will be given!

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