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As you know, Covid-19 has found its way to central PA. With numbers rising, our social distancing and guidelines have been extended to April 30th.

GoFundMe has an option to help small businesses; with a grant. Once the small business registers, and reaches $500; they are entered for the grant. #supportsmallbusiness #gofundme #thankyou #grateful #massage #reiki #esthetician

Even though I am considered a medial professional, massage is not life sustaining. I have to not only follow the Gov.'s mandate, but also follow the CDC, WHO, my insurance, and the PA Massage Board. I cannot keep my practice open and maintain the 6' distance. I posted on my Facebook page a joke to reflect how this could be done if you need a laugh.

Personal: My daughter should have had a prom during this closure and in good spirit, we had it anyway - in our kitchen (see my Facebook page for her picture, and my personal page for video). Remember if you have kids, keeping up with their usual school spirit will help keep their own spirit happy.

I promise as soon as I am able to reopen, I will. Many clients have standing appointments and I look forward to seeing you all again. Memberships and Series will roll-over and are still available for online purchase. I also have a sale on services for future use.


Our additional special is Distance Reiki. $60 for 60 minutes and $30 for 30 minutes. This treatment is Distance Reiki and is NOT available for online booking. Please call or text us to book 717-254-7250.

How it works? Energy flows no matter where we are. Experienced Reiki Masters can send Reiki to anyone, anywhere. We will call you at the start of your treatment and ask you a few questions. You will be asked to find a quiet spot you can relax in for the length of your treatment; turn on relaxing music; set an alarm (either 30 or 60 minutes). Once your alarm goes off, give yourself a few minutes then call back and we will discuss your treatment. How you feel? What you saw? What we felt..ect...

What type of Reiki do we use? Dottie and Cristina are both Usui/Holy Fire III Karuna Reiki Masters.

Karuna is translanted to mean

any action that is taken to

diminish the suffering of others.

To join a Reiki Class with Cristina, click HERE. More classes will be added for late Fall.

Continue to review our Facebook page for updates to events that will be hosted via ZOOM. Those interested are asked to comment on the event so the link for ZOOM can be sent to them.

Upcoming Events

date/time TBA

Reiki infused Guided Meditation - To release stress and reduce anxiety (donations of love appreciated)

Usui/Holy Fire III Reiki I Class - Learn self-care so you can use Reiki on yourself and those in your household any time. $50 per person.

Donations and payments can be made via PayPal to or with credit card by phone. 717-254-7250

If you are redeeming a voucher you MUST CALL 717-254-7250 and leave a message to schedule your appointment.

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All Reiki classes and workshops will be organized here. Students will have an option of joining the association and be listed in our directory.

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