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Vol. 3 No. 12

ॐ Why Massage makes the very best gift

ॐ Packages, Series, Classes and more

ॐ Available Appointments

ॐ Using Essential Oils in Massage

Why a massage makes the very best gift

Massage might be something that’s always on your to-do list, but there are some people who just never seem to get around to me-time, and they need to know the restorative powers of a good massage session.

If you’re looking for a gift for someone who seems to have it all, or even just someone close to you that needs spoiling, here’s why a massage is the best choice for a gift!

It shows that you’ve put a little thought into the gift

You could wander around the gift selections in stores or just order something online, but if you treat a friend or a loved one to a blissful massage, it says “I really thought about you, and I thought you needed a massage.”

Flowers and chocolates can be uninspiring, even if we all enjoy them, but for a truly unique gift, search for a massage treatment that your recipient will adore. If they have had massage before, why not give them a type they’ve not experienced; a hot stone, Reiki or Thai?

It might be the nudge somebody needs towards trying massage for themselves

Some people have never had a massage, and it’s people like that who need one the most, so why not think of their wellbeing and find them a lovely, relaxing massage center local to them? They might have thought massage wasn’t for them, or that it’s something people treat themselves to on spa trips, but once you’ve introduced them to the joy of massage, they’ll be hooked. Everyone loves massage; some people just need to try it.

Everyone needs a little time out

Some people never seem to make time for themselves. Everyone is too busy. Treat someone special to the gift of paid-for me time, and give them a massage voucher so that they can have an hour, at least, where they don’t have to put everyone else first.

One of the best gifts that you can give anyone is time. Why not give someone who’s eternally busy the gist of time out. Some space to breathe and disconnect from everyday stresses? An hour or so of blissful quiet and relaxation could be the best present anyone gets this year!

It shows you care for their health

Massage is the gift that keeps on giving, the option that says you really do care for someone’s health and wellbeing. It gives the recipient a healthy dose of happy hormones, promotes movement and increased flexibility, and eases aches, pains and stress. What better way to treat someone?

The ideal gift shows that you really care - well enough to want to make someone happy, rather than handing over something expensive and overpriced that you saw in the store and took a fancy to. A voucher to book a massage will result in a big smile and it ticks all the boxes. And there’s one more thing we haven’t mentioned…You get to go along if you book one for yourself at the same time!

Series, Packages, Classes and More

Are you receiving regular massages? Are you using the Loyalty Program or prepaying? In a series, you prepay for a certain number of treatments and receive a discount upfront! From Massage to Reiki, even Spiritual Coaching, and Hypnotherapy!

I also offer classes and workshops for massage and reiki.

Check out my website for more information.

Packages are several treatments all wrapped up in one appointment! These need to be booked through me as they are not available for online booking.


Combinations are my specialty. Ask about creating a package unique to you. These packages are available at your request.

Not available for online booking; these packages must be scheduled by phone or in person.

Happie Soul Package

200 minutes - $260

Enjoy a day for yourself. Healing physically and emotionally. Balancing your energy and awakening your soul. Included in this packages is 20 minutes of tranquility in which you simply relax. Singing bowl, aromatherapy, and hot towels are also included.

Includes: Relaxation massage, Reiki, Chakra Balance, Face massage, Tibetan Singing Bowls, Hot towels, and Aromatherapy.

Body and Sole Package

90 minutes - $135

Let me ease the pain in your back and feet! This package is specific to main areas of pain, tension, and stress. Aromatherapy and hot towels can be used in this package.

Includes: Deep Tissue massage and Sole

Balance Package

125 minutes - $213

Bring your body and soul back to balance with a relaxing massage; additional scalp massage will help reduce headaches and ease tension in neck; Reiki and Chakra will restore and promote self-healing for a total body rejuvenation.

Includes: Relaxation with Reiki massage, Scalp massage and Chakra balance

Spiritual Coaching and Spirit Healing Package

170 minutes - $265

Spiritual coaching sessions plus various spirit healing sessions all in one for a unique spiritual healing journey.

Includes: Reiki, Spiritual Coaching, Hypnotherapy and Chakra balance


Available Appointment Times

Remember, appointments fill fast so don’t wait to book yours! Listed are start times (or ranges of start times) of treatments. Hershey office is now in my home. I have an Emotional Support Dog on site. This location is for established clients only. New clients will be required to schedule a 30 minute Consultation ($10) or book their first service in Mechanicsburg. This includes any clients that are referrals.

If you have trouble booking online; or do not see a day/time that works for you, text me at 717-254-7250. Let me know your name, type of treatment you are looking for (including length of treatment) and the day/time you are looking for.

Policy reminder: Massage starts at the time of the appointment. Clients should remember to arrive at least 15 minutes prior to their appointment. Please review all policies at


I have NO available appointments for December at this time. Keep an eye on emails for last minute openings!!


Using Essential Oils in Massage

Otherwise known as aromatherapy massage, a massage using essential oils is a real treat, and has many positive effects that make it a treat worth investing in.

There are two main reasons why a massage therapist may use essential oils in their treatments:

· The essential oils used in massage can have beneficial effects on different areas of your body and health.

· They smell nice – but the aroma isn’t just a pleasant addition to your treatment. Aromas are well known to trigger emotions in the part of your brain that deals with memories, which is why the smell of your mom’s cooking or your grandma’s favourite perfume can transport you back in time and make you feel good. Some scents, like citrusy or lavender oils have a very similar effect and just inhaling them as you’re enjoying your massage makes you feel good.

Essential oils and pregnancy

If you’re pregnant, you should always tell your massage therapist before an aromatherapy massage because although essential oils are safe in the vast majority of cases, there are a few specific essential oils that are best avoided in the first trimester of pregnancy.

Essential oils and pain relief

Using essential oils in a massage is ideal if you’re experiencing symptoms like inflammation or pain. The aromatherapy adds an extra layer of benefit to a soothing massage and seems to magnify the effects of a treatment which can give you even more relief than a basic massage.

Essential oils and stress

Just breathing in the gorgeously relaxing scent of lavender essential oil can calm you down if you’re having a stressful time. Lavender essential oil is great for pain relief and widely used in stress-busting massage treatments.

So what is an aromatherapy massage like?

The first thing you’ll need to do is have a talk with your therapist about what you are hoping to get from your massage, and tell her all about any existing health conditions so that she can choose the best combination of oils for you. There are pre-blended mixes of essential oils for general use, but many therapists also make up their own mixes for each session.

When therapists are putting together a custom blend, they will often ask you to pick a fragrance that makes you feel good. There’s not much point in creating perfectly-blended massage oil for you if you can’t bear the smell of it and can’t wait to get off the massage table!

If there’s any of your custom blended oil left after your massage, you’ll probably be given the rest to take home and use, which is a definite bonus. After an aromatherapy massage you’re likely to feel absolutely amazing – not only have you had the physical benefits of a relaxing massage but the psychological boost that you’ll get from all the delicious essential oils will keep you coming back for more…

What’s your favorite aromatherapy oil?