Past Life Regression Journeys

Do you have a nagging feeling that you have lived before?

Have you experienced spontaneous memory recall or tapped into knowledge that does not feel like it came from this lifetime?

Do you wonder if there is an over arching theme or pattern to the journey of your soul?

You can take a spiritual journey back in time to connect with the past-life-part-of-you and discover pearls of wisdom stored in the immortal threads of your soul.

Traveling back into the sacred memories of your past lives allows you to examine the greater themes, patterns and lessons you are working to evolve over many incarnations. The intention of this level of exploration is to recover and reclaim your soul’s own highest wisdom and to integrate that wisdom into your current life. This integration can create profound healing and assist you in embracing the evolutionary soul process.

What happens in a past life regression journey?

A past life regression journey with me is an interactive session that draws upon hypnosis and relaxation techniques; very similar to a guided meditation. We will begin with an intake so that I can best understand and support your intentions for your session. During our work together, I won’t tell you what your past lives were (because that is not my style of work) but I will bring the best of my skills and knowledge to empower you to recall your sacred memories.

I see my role as facilitator and guide in which I create safe space in a professional setting and usher you through the threshold of your own remembering.

I will gently and compassionately prompt you through significant moments and events is a respectful manner. I believe it is my role to be responsive to your cues, but ultimately, you are fully in charge of your session. My past life journey works also includes an integrative healing piece where you will exchange messages between your past-life-aspect-of-you and your current-life-you. I have found this to be profoundly transformative to moving you forward in the evolution of your soul.

It is through the understanding of your soul’s patterns that you can remember wholeness and achieve greater spiritual alignment in your current life. The end of your session will include time for you to ground, reflect and discuss your experience.

Who this work is for:

If you are ready for deep exploration of your soul’s evolution and spiritual contracts, this work is a powerful tool of transformation. If you are comfortably grounded in your self-awareness process and are ready to take full responsibility for what you discover, this work can reveal keys of wisdom and healing. You will need to be prepared to integrate this material; spiritually, mentally and emotionally and therefore it is recommended that you are in a stable place on your journey.

Is one past life regression enough or should I book more than one?

You can start with just one session and find that is sufficient to support your personal goals. That said, my experience Past Life Regression journey work has shown it to be similar to meditation and guided meditations, in that we develop greater comfort, skill and insight with practice.

You can have a deeply meaningful experience in just one session but repeat sessions lend you the opportunity to understand your soul’s themes and patterns over the course of its evolutionary process. There are profound shifts that can occur when you embark on an expanded exploration of the soul’s journey through time. If this deeper level of work calls to you, I suggest booking my package of three sessions.



60 Minute Session: $100 90 Minute Sessions: $150 60 minute session: $180 90 minute session: $270

Series of 3: $285 Series of 3: $520

Series of 6: $585 Series of 6: $1,060

Commonly Asked Questions:

What if I encounter something unpleasant or frightening during my session?

It is an important aspect of my role as facilitator to provide a supportive and safe environment for your session. I will attentively guide the journey based on your communications and cues; in this way, we are an interactive team but you are always in control of the process and pace. It is my experience, that you will not encounter that which you are truly not ready to work through and release. That said, we will work with professional and time-tested methods to allow you safely view in a manner that is conducive to clearing old stuck energies; with the goals of gaining wisdom, and healing always foremost in the session.

What if I can’t relax or be hypnotize?

You probably already are successful at relaxation and self-hypnosis without even knowing it. Hypnosis and guided meditations are really natural states of “focused relaxation” that allow the subconsciousness the chance to come forward and offer its insight. If you have ever “zoned out” to your favorite song or piece of music, perhaps while driving your car and suddenly realizing you have arrived at your destination but don’t “recall” driving (but clearly you did drive since you did not crash!) then you put yourself into a hypnotic state. Daydreaming is another example of self-hypnosis. The reality is that all hypnosis is self-hypnosis and you remain totally in control, alert and aware, just deeply relaxed during the process.

What if I just can’t remember my past lives or it seems like I am making it up?

It is actually fairly common for the critical aspect of our mind to express its opinion of “you are just making this up” or to second guess the information you receive during the session. The truth is that the subconscious mind speaks to us through our imagination, our creative self, and often uses symbols and pictures to communicate. Sometimes the information comes in other forms than visual which is why I will encourage you to just let the story of remembering unfold.

It is important to come fully invested in experiencing a past life in your session but not attached to rigid expectations about which life you will travel back to. You will want to come with an open heart and mind to the possibilities you will discover. We will work together to help you interpret the images and information you receive at the end of your session.

If you have questions, feel free to contact me to discuss if this is the right time in your healing process to engage in this level of spiritual work via email happiesoulmassage@gmail.com or 717-254-7250

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