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Couples Massage Workshops

Great Date Night!

Are you ready to WOW your partner? Do you get frustrated when your partner gives up after just 2 minutes of rubbing your back? I have a workshop for you!

These private workshops allow you the time to learn that therapeutic touch is good for mind and body. You will learn to massage better, firmer, more gracefully and intuitively in a fun, safe, and beautiful class environment. My Couples Massage Class 1 covers back, scalp and feet. Couples Massage Class 2 covers arms, legs and hands. And Couples Massage Class 3 covers back, shoulders, and head/ face tension relief points. Classes can be taken in any order. I highly recommend purchasing all three classes to learn to give a fantastic Full Body Massage for the one you love. While the classes do require two people, and have a high number of romantic couples attending, attendees do not need to be romantic partners. Friends, families, and anyone interested in learning the enviable skill of giving an excellent massage, is welcome. Likewise, this class is open to all ages and types of couples. We have only one requirement of you: be a loving human being who is ready to give to your partner, as well as receive. Each class is 90 minutes. To extend the class, an additional fee will be required.

To order massage supplies for your home, such as a massage table, lotion/oil, DVDs and more, click HERE.

These classes may be scheduled outside of normal business hours. Please call 717-254-7250 to schedule.

Couples Massage Class 1: $150

Couples Massage Class 2: $150

Couples Massage Class 3: $150





Join Happie Soul Massage for an unique experience and discussion about healing your Chakras with meditation, mantras, foods and drinks.

Schedule of all classes - all classes start at 1:11 pm and will end at 3:33 pm

Investment: Each class is $33 per person, per class or $222 for ALL 7 classes

Pre-registration required. Please call 717-254-7250 to register

Root: Nov. 16th

The questions for the Root Chakra focus on stability, structure, patience, and security. If you are weak in any particular area, cultivate patience and inwardly create these qualities over a period of time. They can be attained through your conscious awareness of their importance in your life.

During this session, we will be discussing:

What is a Chakra?

How to balance the Root Chakra

Recipes: food and drinks

Patience, Structure, Stability, Security, Manifestation

Sacral: Nov. 30th

The Sacral Chakra controls our physical health and well-being. It is the chakra that focuses the life force into building a strong and viable immune system, and keeping the physical body functional and active. It controls our motion and our emotions.

During this session, we will be discussing:

What is a Chakra?

How to balance the Sacral Chakra

Recipes: food and drinks

Well-being, Deservedness, Pleasure, Abundance

Solar Plexus: Jan. 18th

The Solar Plexus Chakra looks toward heroic efforts to help you become the best you can be. Often life challenges can undermine our physical, emotions, and mental health and time may be required to put us beak on a strong footing before we can resume our life.

During this session, we will be discussing:

What is a Chakra?

How to balance the Solar Plexus Chakra

Recipes: food and drinks

Self-worth, Self-esteem, Confidence, Personal power, Freedom of choice

Heart: Feb. 8th

The Heart Chakra governs the physical heart and lungs. It is essential to our physical supply of energy and vitality as well as the love that nourishes our spiritual existence. Centering ourselves in love gives our life purpose and meaning.

During this session, we will be discussing:

What is a Chakra?

How to balance the Heart Chakra

Recipes: food and drinks

Love, Peace, Brotherhood/sisterhood, Unity, Joy

Throat: Feb. 22nd

The Throat Chakra is the first energetic center that differentiates man from all other life forms. This single human attribute gives us the power to express ourselves on every level of experience. To honor this gift fully, we are asked to consciously commit to expressing our trust and sing the song of individuality clearly and with integrity. To do so truly serves our spirits.

During this session, we will be discussing:

What is a Chakra?

How to balance the Throat Chakra

Recipes: food and drinks

Communication, Integrity, Truth, Willpower, Creativity

Brow (3rd Eye): March 14th

This Chakra is known as the control center because it focuses on cultivating a strong independent mind. It contains the mental applications we need for creating happy and wholesome lives. It is usually fully activated in our mid-thirties when we have accrued some life experience to weigh against the ideas we ingested at an early age.

During this session, we will be discussing:

What is a Chakra?

How to balance the Brow Chakra (aka 3rd Eye)

Recipes: food and drinks

Wisdom, Discernment, Knowledge, Imagination, Intuition

Crown: April 4th

The Crown Chakra reaches the heights of spirituality. It connects us with our indelible and permanent divinity, and is the source of healing energy in the human energy system. The chakras act as a ladder to love, spirituality, and healing, from the base energy of the Root Chakra, which anchors us in life, to the more refined spiritual energy of the Crown Chakra. Like all other energy centers in the human energy system, the Crown Chakra exists as a vestigial core of potential until is it activated.

During this session, we will be discussing:

What is a Chakra?

How to balance the Crown Chakra

Recipes: food and drinks

Spirituality, Beauty, Bliss



Using Usui/Holy Fire III® Karuna Reiki® meditations, each client will experience their own healing and journey. These are powerful healing experiences. Further treatments are recommended.

Reiki share, also known as Reiki circle or exchange, is a gathering of Reiki believers who participate in group Reiki treatments on each other. The main purpose for the Reiki share is to give and receive Reiki in a casual atmosphere of friendship, honor, and positive energy.

Donations of love appreciated

All Shares start at 4:30 pm and are approximately one hour

2019 Shares 2020 Shares

September 29th January 26th

October 27th February 23rd

November 24th March 22nd

December 15th April 19th

May 17th

June 14th


Usui/Holy Fire® III


Holy Fire® III Karuna Reiki®

Usui/Holy Fire® III Reiki I Training

This class is a modified level I to introduce students to Reiki. In this class, you will learn a brief history of Usui/Holy Fire® Reiki as well as self care. If you are interested in continuing your experience and feel guided to do so, I welcome you to join a Holy Fire® Reiki Level I and II Training.

Holy Fire® Reiki is a new form of Reiki being introduced by the ICRT (International Center for Reiki Training). It is both powerful and gentle and provides purification, healing, empowerment and guidance. The more you use and practice Reiki, the stronger it will become.

Some of the qualities students have experienced include:

  • Works continuously even when not thinking about it and spontaneously heals issues as they come up.
  • Always respects free will.
  • Heals deeply and quickly without distress.
  • Heals relationships and interactions with others.
  • Releases worry and replaces it with a sense of safety in a most pronounced way.
  • Spontaneously provides guidance that is palatable for every level of life experience.
  • Tends to develop all the personality traits that are healthy for a person to have such as love of self and others, kindness, patience, confidence, vitality, enthusiasm, optimism, trust, joy, peace and so forth.
  • Once of the more wonderful effects is a feeling of being loved. This is a deep and reined nurturing.
  • Once receive, it continues to develop itself to be more evolved and effective.

Reiki I Training Schedule (all classes are from 2 pm - 5 pm)

  • October 27, 2019
  • November 24, 2019
  • December 15, 2019
  • January 19, 2020
  • February 16, 2020
  • March 15, 2020
  • April 12, 2020

Cost: $100 per person

Preregistration fee: $50 (non-refundable). Total due no less than 5 days prior to class. No refunds within 5 days of class. Payment program available.


Usui/Holy Fire® III Reiki I/II Training

Reiki I and II are taught together during a weekend intensive (3-day class). Both Placements (attunements) are given. All the information and techniques for both levels are covered including:

  • The Reiki hand positions
  • Giving a complete Reiki treatment for self and others.
  • Japanese Reiki Techniques, as taught by Dr. Usui including Gassho meditation, Reiji-ho - developing your intuition, Byosen Scanning - detecting where Reiki is needed, Gyoshi ho - sending Reiki with the eyes, Kenyoku - dry bathing or clearing one's energy field
  • Hayashi Healing Guide
  • Using Reiki for specific conditions
  • The Reiki II symbols, how to use them with practice time
  • Using Reiki to heal unwanted habits
  • Distant healing
  • 190-page class manual and class certificate

This workshop is a combination of lecture, discussion, and experience. Practice time includes giving & receiving Reiki treatments using all the hand positions, practicing self-treatment, scanning, beaming, using Second Degree symbols, and sending Reiki to others at a distance.

Reiki I&II Training Schedule:

  • October 11, 12 and 13, 2019
  • January 10, 11 and 12, 2020
  • March 6, 7 and 8, 2020
  • May 8, 9 and 10, 2020
  • July 31, August 1 and 2, 2020

Cost: $410 per person

Preregistration fee: $100 (non-refundable). Total due no less than 5 days prior to class. No refunds within 5 days of class. Payment program available.


Usui/Holy Fire® III Reiki Master Training

The master training combines both Advanced Reiki Training and the complete Usui/Holy Fire® III Master training into one 3-day class which is usually taught during a 3 day weekend.

To qualify to take this class, a student must have taken Reiki I&II and practiced Reiki II for at least six months. Also, a student must be able to draw the three symbols from Reiki III from memory.

In the process of learning the healing techniques, Experiences, Placements and Ignitions and taking part in the guided meditations, each student will receive many healing experiences.

Reiki III/Master

  • The Usui master symbol which increases the effectiveness of the Reiki II symbols and can be used for healing.
  • The Usui/Holy Fire® III Master Placement (attunement) which increases the strength of your Reiki energy and empowers the Usui Master symbol.
  • Practice using the Usui master symbol for treatments
  • The Holy Fire® symbol is given for a total of five symbols for the entire system
  • Four Ignitions (attunements)
  • How to make a Reiki crystal grid that will continue to send Reiki to yourself and others after it is charged.
  • The Ocean of Holy Love Experience
  • Hands-on practice using the Holy Fire® symbol during Reiki sessions
  • Instruction on how to give Reiki Placements for Reiki I&II, ART and how to conduct the Healing in the River of Love Experience and the four Ignitions for Reiki Master.
  • The Holy Fire® Healing Experience that can be given to anyone and directs the powerful Holy Fire® energies to heal.
  • How to vie yourself Experiences, Placements and Ignitions
  • The values and spiritual orientation of a true Reiki Master
  • How to teach including going over the class outlines as well as how to develop and promote your Reiki business
  • 186-page class manual and class certificate.

Reiki III Master Training Schedule for 2019:

  • October 11, 12 and 13
  • November 8, 9 and 10 - SOLD OUT
  • December 6, 7 and 8

Cost: $850 per person*

Preregistration fee: $100 (non-refundable) Due no less than 5 days prior to class. No refunds within 5 days of class. Payment program available.

*there will be a price increase in 2020

Reiki III Master Training Schedule for 2020:

  • March 27, 28 and 29
  • April 24, 25 and 26
  • June 26, 27 and 28
  • July 24, 25 and 26

Cost: $1,025 per person

Preregistration fee: $100 (non-refundable). Total due no less than 5 days prior to class. No refunds within 5 days of class. Payment program available.


Holy Fire® III Karuna Reiki® Master Training

This class is the next step after Reiki Master and is both a practitioner and Master class. Those who take the class will be able to use the Karuna symbols in their Reiki sessions and teach all levels of Holy Fire® III Karuna Reiki®. You will also be able to teach Reiki I&II and Reiki Master as Holy Fire® III classes. Karuna Reiki® is complete with either practitioner symbols, one Master symbol, four Ignitions and two meditations that are guided directly by the Holy Fire®.

In this class, you will receive the Holy Fire® III upgrade. This upgrade will allow you to give Placements which are Ignition-like experience for Reiki I&II and ART. (Placements are the same as attunements.) The Placement system provides a more effective level of Reiki for the student and also empowers the symbols with more effective healing energy. A certificate and a 142-page manual are included.

NOTE: You must have been a Reiki master for at least one year to take Karuna Reiki® Master training.

Karuna Reiki® Master Training Schedule for 2020:

  • January 31, February 1 and 2
  • May 29, 30 and 31
  • August 21, 22 and 23

Cost: $1,025 per person

Preregistration fee: $100 (non-refundable). Total due no less than 5 days prior to class. No refunds within 5 days of class. Payment program available.

Holy Fire® is the registered service mark of William Lee Rand.

Holy Fire® and Karuna Reiki® are registered service marks of William Lee Rand.

Descriptions of Reiki I&II, Master and Karuna Reiki® as described directly by The International Center for Reiki Training.

see polices for details