Massage Series

Massage Series

Can't make your massage? No worries! Your massages are transferable! 
You can transfer your massage session as a GIFT to a family member, friend, or co-worker! 

A series allows you to have piece of mind that your appointment is scheduled and paid. All you need to do is show up and relax. 
Massages are often used as part of a wellness plan and should be used as often as your schedule allows.

Select your choice of Relaxation, Deep Tissue, or Sports Massage to soothe your aching muscles and put your body in a much needed state of bliss.

Relaxation Massage will allow your entire body to relax with deep-tissue manipulations and long stroking motions.

Deep Tissue Massage releases stubborn knots that keep muscles tied up with deep strong motions.

Sports Massage is especially designed for athletes or any victim of chronic pain.

We also offer other types of massages so ask your therapist.

Each massage will work to lower stress, increase circulation, promote tissue regeneration, enhance immunity, and relieve discomfort with long, slow, and soothing strokes. 

Depending on your preference your masseuse can adjust the pressure of the kneading and strokes to provide you with the most therapeutic and beneficial session possible.

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Based on 60 min. Relaxation  
Upgrade to a 90 min. session for  an additional $30 per session

ROOT 4 Relaxation Massages $252
 SACRAL  6 Relaxation Massages $378
SOLAR PLEXUS8 Relaxation Massages$504
 HEART12 Relaxation Massages$714
 THROAT16  Relaxation Massages$952
 THIRD EYE20  Relaxation Massages$1,190
CROWN 24  Relaxation Massages$1,428


Based on 90 min. Deluxe Relaxation  
Upgrade to a 120 min. session for  an additional $30 per session
 EARTH 4 Deluxe Relaxation Massages $378
AIRDeluxe Relaxation Massages  $567
FIRE  8 Deluxe Relaxation Massages  $756
WATER   10 Deluxe Relaxation Massages $883
 METAL  12 Deluxe Relaxation Massages $1,071