Late Cancel/Missed Appt

Late Cancellation/Missed Appointment Policy

Due to an increase in the number of late cancellations and missed appointments, I have found the need to enforce a new policy regarding cancelled or missed appointments. As I do not see multiple people at one time, every appointment missed, in an hour that remains open that another client could have filled. Time, yours and mine, is valuable, and I consider the time I have scheduled with you important for your continued well being, as well as for my continuation as a practitioner. 

I am requesting a 24 hour notice of cancellations (this gives me time to try contact other clients interested in an earlier, or later session). Less than 24 hours is not acceptable. Missed appointments without notices are not acceptable.

The full fee will be charged for a missed appointment without notice. Cancelled appointments without minimum notice, will be charged the full service fee.

There are situations that will be handled case-by-case.

If a client is a no-call/no-show for a schedule appointment, they will need to provide a credit card to rebook. The credit card will not be charged unless the client again does not call/show for the rebooked appointment. 
Clients are given one pass per year. If a client has more than one no-call/no-show the client will be required to pre-pay for all services.

Thank you for understanding and your cooperation with this policy.