What is Salt Glow Scrub?

Exfoliation treatments are treatments that are directed at improving the cutaneous or skin health. 

Dry Skin Brushing
This brushing of the skin with a dry, soft bristle brush using effleurage* action to increase the blood circulation tot he skin. The brush is made of natural fibers that are not too stiff for client comfort. As part of a hydrotherapy program, brushing is usually done every other day or for several days in a row and then interrupted. A loofah is used for more mild exfoliation while a salt glow will have a stronger effect.

Salt Glow
A salt glow mixture is brushed onto the client following the dry skin brushing. After several minutes, and the salt is dry, the salt is buffed off with gloves or a towel.

Treatment is followed by full-body massage.

\ The removal of the superficial (dead) layers of skin
\ Improved skin circulation, increased elimination
Improved nutrient exchange and moisture absorption through the skin
Improved immune function
Increased energy are also benefits of exfoliation treatments

*Effleurage: a form of massage involving a circular stroking movement made with the palm of the hand.