What is a Full Body Wrap?

What the caterpillar calls the end, the rest of the world calls a butterfly - Lao Tzu

A body wrap is a type of beauty treatment involving the application of skin-cleansing ingredients to the body, which is then wrapped in blankets and/or hot towels. Wraps can be used for just about any condition. 

Aromatherapy Wrap
An aromatherapy oil is applied to undrapped sections of the client's body. The client is then wrapped snugly in a sheet, solar blanket, and lastly in a heavy blanket. While in a wrap (20-30 minutes), the client's head, face, neck, and/or feet can be massaged. After the wrap time is complete, the client will receive a full body massage.

*Due to allergies and sensitivities of clients and myself, only mild oils will be used. 
*This wrap can be currently done without aromatherapy oils.*
Additional time and packages are available.

Herbal Body Wrap
There are four major herbal formulas to:
Relax the body
Help reduce weight
Act as an anti-depressant

Client is wrapped in a pre-soaked herbal sheet. A heated pre-soaked body towel is then placed over the sheet. The client is quickly wrapped in each set of the remaining blankets.

These herbal blends include one to two drops of some or all of the following:

Detoxification Blend
 Juniper    Eucalyptus Sage Rosemary
 Ginger    Black Pepper Grapefruit Clove

Relaxation Blend
 Lavender Chamomile Marjoram
 Peppermint Clary Sage Jasmine

Anti-Depressive Blend
 Peppermint Chamomile Clary Sage Orange
 Rosemary Geranium Ylang Ylang
 Lemon Grass