Experience the deepest relaxation with soft scents in the air, a heated table, calming music and nothing to do but relax.

Full Body Wrap

An oil is applied to undrapped sections of the client's body. The client is then wrapped snugly in a sheet, solar blanket, and lastly in a heavy blanket. While in a wrap (20-30 minutes), the client's head, face, neck, and/or feet can be massaged. After the wrap time is complete, the client will receive a full body massage.

*Due to allergies and sensitivities of clients and myself, only mild oils will be used. 
*This wrap can be done without aromatherapy oils.*
Additional time and packages are available.

60 minute session - 

option a: ALL WRAPPED UP 20 minute wrap followed by a 40 minute Relaxation massage: $90 

Additional Options:

Add a 60 minute Relaxation Massage: $70 (total: $160)

Add a 60 minute Deep Tissue Massage: $80 (total: $170)

Add a 60 minute Relaxation Rejuvenation Renew: $90 (total: $180)

Add a 90 minute Therapeutic Massage: $105 (total: $195)